Each year, Pack 95 participates in the Del-Mar-Va Council's annual popcorn sale fundraiser. This important fundraiser generates necessary funds to support all levels of Scouting and has a direct benefit to our pack’s program costs. In addition, a portion of each Cub Scout’s popcorn sales go directly to the scouts account for them to pay their way through the scouting program! For general information about the popcorn sale, check out the Trail’s End website. This years sales will be an online experience with all scouts needing to create an online account to sell any popcorn this year. Login to Trails End with your credentials from last years sales or create an account today.

You can sign-up to sell at various locations in town by logging into your scouts Trails End account and register for storefront sales.

Storefront Sales Information

Pack 95 will be selling popcorn at various locations again this year (known as “Storefront Sales”). The sales from Storefront shifts are averaged and divided among the scouts at those stores on that shift. Those totals then get credited toward his popcorn prizes and total goals. Please login to your scout's Trails End account and register for storefront sales.

(schedule is also listed on the bottom of the home page)

Important Dates

  • October 1- Popcorn kick off and Online sales start!

  • October 1st- Storefront Sale dates start at Wings and Wheels event!

  • October 19th - Last day to sell popcorn to family, friends, and neighbors with the Wagon Sales and paper forms. They can still buy through your online store!

  • October 19th - Turn in popcorn money and Wagon Sales orders. All money must be collected and turned in at this time. We have a deadline with the council to submit orders so this date is not flexible but money can always be turned in earlier by making arrangements.

  • November 20th - Popcorn Delivered during pack meeting. Please plan to attend the meeting or make arrangements to collect your popcorn.