Raingutter Regatta 

What: 2023 Pack 95 Raingutter Regatta  



Important Note

The most important thing about the Raingutter Regatta is for it to be fun for the Scouts. Each year, Cub Scouts come up with great boat designs. Building a Regatta Boat with your Scout is a great way teach him how to safely use hand tools and is a fun project. There will be awards for the creative and fun designs, as well as for the fastest boats. However, having fun and teaching good sportsmanship are the most important parts of the Raingutter Regatta. If you have fun, you’ve already won! We will also be having a separate “sibling" and "Adult” class, so the whole family is encouraged to participate. 


The rules for the Raingutter Regatta are fairly simple. All scouts will build boats from the official BSA Trimaran Regatta kit supplied by the pack. Please follow the assembly directions in the kit.

Construction rules:

Race Rules:

Race Format:

Fun Awards Categories

We will be presenting the following design awards at this year’s Raingutter Regatta:


Best Scout ThemeMost Creative

There will be prizes for show and prizes for “go.” In addition to the design awards, Scouts will also win awards for placing in the top three for the Pack. Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners in the Pack. The Raingutter Regatta racing software does a double elimination bracket style to determine the champion. 

I addition to Scouts we will have a Sibling-only race (must be under 15 years old to enter) and an Adult race. In the Sibling race, all cars must conform to all rules as the Scout race.  These are only for fun!