Pinewood Derby 

What: 2023 Pack 95 Pinewood Derby 

When: Saturday January 29, 2023;  2:00 p - 5:00 p

Where: Jones Hall - Wesley Church Georgetown, DE

Important Note

The most important thing about the Pinewood Derby is for it to be fun for the Scouts. Each year, Cub Scouts come up with great cars and fun designs. Building a derby car with your Scout is a great way teach him how to safely use hand tools and is a fun project. You are encouraged to reach out to others in the pack and also research online for some great ideas on how to best design and build your derby cars. Ultimately, this is a great opportunity for each of our boys to showcase their skills and imaginations and, at the same time, an opportunity for the boys and you to work as a team. There will be lots of awards for the creative and fun designs, as well as for fast cars. However, having fun and teaching good sportsmanship are the most important parts of the Pinewood Derby. If you have fun, you’ve already won! We will also be having a separate “sibling" and "Adult” class, so the whole family is encouraged to participate. 


Click here for the Pack 95 Derby Rules. Our pack will be using the same rules and specifications as we have in years past. Please read over the rules and do not hesitate to contact a leader with any questions.

The single most important rule: YOU MUST BUILD YOUR CAR FROM A RECTANGULAR WOOD BLOCK FROM AN OFFICIAL BSA PINEWOOD DERBY KIT! If you start with anything other than a rectangular piece of wood from an Official BSA Pinewood Derby kit (just like the one you can purchase from the pack), your Scout’s car will not be eligible to participate. We want everyone to have fun, and we don’t want any disappointed Scouts, so please read and understand the rules. 

As long as you start with a BSA rectangular pine block, you can add all kinds of fun things to your car. Colored wheels from the Scout Shop or elsewhere can be used (as long as they are Official BSA wheels), and all kinds of objects can be added to your Scout’s car. You and your Scout can be as creative as you like and add just about any items to your car that you want (such as miniature figures, etc.) as long as the car doesn’t exceed the rules’ maximum dimensions or weight limit of 5 ounces.

If you have questions concerning permitted materials, designs, or rules, please contact your leader for further clarification. We would rather receive a hundred phone calls or emails than have one disappointed Scout. 


Schedule is subject to change based on number of participants. refer to pack email the week of event 

Check-in/weigh-in begin at the designated time with a pit area for last minute adjustments and repairs. We will start opening ceremonies with races to follow! Do not miss the registration time as we CAN NOT add in a racer after the start of the races.

Fun Awards Categories

We will be presenting the following design awards at this year’s Pinewood Derby:


Best Scout ThemeMost Creative

Scouts will win awards for placing in their rank. Scouts will each race in four heats with the other Scouts in their rank where trophies will be awarded to the 1st place champion in each rank. Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners in each rank. The Pinewood Derby racing software averages the fastest three of your four race times, and these times will be used to determine how your Scout places in his rank. First, second, and third place winners will then be able to compete in the finals for a Pack Champion and will also qualify for the Sussex District Pinewood Derby hosted by Pack 95. 

In addition to Scouts, we will have a Sibling-only race (must be under 15 years old to enter) and an Adult race. In the Sibling race, all cars must conform to all rules as the Scout race.  The fastest car will be awarded. 

Volunteers Needed

We will need a few volunteers to help with the following areas:

Race Day: We need a few volunteers to help with various aspects of race day 

(check-in, helping the Scouts, run the track, working the pit area, etc.)

Let’s get ready to Derby!